Cleverly Technology

CLEVERLY TECHNOLOGY has developed many database applications for various businesses and companies. Our aim is to help them enhance their existing operations through use of effective software. We provide simple solutions which are reasonable and affordable but also easy to use and fast to implement.


We can customize our applications to your requirements and/ or develop from scratch for your business needs. We have developed applications for mailing house, public service organizations, political party, membership systems, events booking solutions and many more.


You don稚 need to have an IT department in your organization because we can deliver what you need from computer hardware and software solutions.



Our services include:


Web-based customized application development and webhosting services

Content Management for hosted websites

Customized database applications development for local LAN environment

IT consultancy and advisory services






Contact Information


Daniel C. W. Tan


Mobile: 97902166



Block 440 Tampines Street 43

Singapore 520440

Tel: +65 69027559







If you delegate every task to someone else, you will eventually become the unnecessary one.


Politics is everywhere, even in children. It's either you see it or you don't.


If you don't see the problem, you can't possibly do anything about it.


If you do not have the power to do anything about it, use somebody who has.


Being equal doesn't mean that you have to eat the same food or take the same crap he or she does.


Everyone lied one time or another as it is our nature that we want others to think better of us or we just want get around some annoying issues.


Keep your friends close and the enemies closer must be the pledge of a traitor, spy, undercover or mole.



When you were lost, it not only meant that you didn稚 know where to go or proceed to, it also meant you had no idea where you had been.


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