Cleverly Technology


Events & Resources Management System

The events & resources management system was developed to record and management bookings of venues. It will allow the user to visually see the venues are occupied or available for bookings. It also detect conflicts of venue availability when using booking wizards to register bookings for multiple booking dates for events.

Venues can also be defined to be exclusive or multiple to allow more than one event to be held on them especially on open spaces or multi-purpose halls.

For preparation of program and itinerary can be recorded and shared using the function work order document creation module. It lets you create and print the documents for distribution. There’s even a resource database to store all the resources available for use such as platforms, hi-fi equipment, props, tents, etc. or any assets that you may have for function or event use.

Booking of venues is easy. Just click, drag and drop to select the venue or venues you want. Then fill in the details of the booking information. For more complex booking, there’s the wizard to define date range, days of week and it even detect booking conflicts.