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MPS ver 3.8a V10 

The latest enhancements aim to provide better functionality to our MPS software system. It will facilitate the users to quickly generate case records and letters so as to expeditiously process queues and reduce residents’ waiting time.


Customisable screen

We now allow individual user to be able to select the image for the main screen. Minor but pleasant feature no doubt as it  will greet the user with a desired visual. You can even insert your very own photo picture.

C Template inserts will automatically replace names and pronouns such as she, he, his or her accordingly too.

C Subject heading can be made to auto-insert into its field box.

C New ‘Q’ button to pop-up today’s queue list for easy select.

C Wide Screen format for wider monitors.

C New reports added such as total household income groups.

C Network ready & unlimited users.

C Input form and fonts expandable for full screen

A software that lets you create appeal letters, print them out and file them for future use in a smooth streamlined process.


Highlights of our MPS system:

* Fully functional multi-users MPS software

* Easy-to-use and speedy preparation of letters

* Pre-defined document referencing system

* Easy to create letter template with auto-inserts for resident’s name

* Residents’ letters and records history on demand

* Quick look-up for address of referral offices

* Automatic retrieval of residents’ particulars from last visit

* HQ’s MPS Form A print with export to Excel function

* Registration module included (network setup only)

* Unlimited users (network dependent)

* Letters can be printed on-the-fly

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Minimum system requirement:

Microsoft Windows O/S ,512 Ram, minimum 10G hard disk space, monitor and printer. Peer-to-peer network allowed but dedicated server is recommended for more than 5 users.


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Windows 7 & Vista friendly