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Service work orders scheduling, products tracking, management of  maintenance contracts and manpower  database. High value products usually have longer lifespan and its health requires regular monitoring and timely servicing to ensure optimum performance and use.

This system auto-generates service schedules for your service contracts, generate reminders, display product service history and even maintenance contract renewals.

If you want to track post-sales events and generate return business, this software is for you.



A real-time booking system. Developed for a client in the resort related business to record and manage event information. All bookings can be viewed via a calendar display. Allows you to prepare documentation of event details and generate statistical reports as well as daily reporting. It has multiple venues with grouping and conflict detection notifications for users. Revenue to budget comparison reports are also available.

Meet-the-people session


Meet-the-people sessions (MPS) held by the political party PAP requires a lot of letter writing and printing of referral letters for the residents. This software helps expedite the process of document preparation and also capture the data to generate summary reports for PAP HQ.  It has letter template functions for quick churning out of letters and spelling check for vetting. A good to have product if you deal with related services such as family services.

Latest version comes with customizable screen and expandable fonts.

And many more others…….

¨ Job Matching Software

¨ Quotation & Sales Order System (customized)

¨ Persona (personal information manager)

¨ Membership Reward System—POS

¨ Travel expenditure recording & claims system (with currency conversion)

¨ General Assets Manager (simplified)

¨ Insurance brokers agency system

¨ Marine vessel engine information system

¨ Fund raising collection solution

¨ House-to-house information collection system

¨ Mailing house label-printing database system

¨ Community membership & courses system

¨ Senior citizens information database

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Handles Motor and General Insurance

Text Box: Ready-to-use in Local IIS Server or Hosted Server
Text Box: Internet browser-based application for insurance broking firms
Easy-to-use and streamlined form filling approach to data entry
Monthly detailed and summary reports including ageing reports
Control and manages motor and general insurance policy records
Computes and tabulate commissions receivable and payable for policy sales
Generates policy renewal letters for expiring policies
Produces statement of accounts of sales representatives for collection of premiums receivable. Ageing report also available.
Includes bank transaction module to manage non-policy related entries for completeness of accounting
Generates banks statement report for reconciliation of entries with actual bank statements  Generates general ledger distribution account summary reports
Prints debit/credit note, standard detailed listings and sales production reports
Text Box: Easy-to-use and short learning curve
Supports multiple bank accounts
Unlimited commission-based sales representatives
Auto, Debit & Credit Note numbering
Supports unlimited number of users