Cleverly Technology our profile

The people

We have people with professional certifications and diplomas in the IT field and they are responsible for the design and development of the software for the projects in our business. We also work closely with a team of capable software programmers and designers, some of whom works in the IT department for reputable organizations. All projects are carefully assigned to the right members for accurate and effective design for the intended project which translates to faster development time and ultimately lower cost to clients.

The experience

Over 15 years in the fields of accounting, internal auditing, computer network technologies and developing software applications. These valuable experiences helped in the understanding and appreciation of our clients' key business functions and information needs. Having the exposure to end-user computing that includes all levels of users, we truly understand the meaning of ease-of-use at all these levels.

Our list of clienteles are well known organizations and businesses who can be very demanding in regards to their IT information needs. However difficult, we can still find a suitable solution to these requirements or problems. With these years of exposure and experience in end-user computing, we have the resolve and resources to tackle and overcome many obstacles.